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Where Will Our Paths Meet?


      Hello  & Welcome!                                                          

               Fellow Yogis!

                            Fellow Vegans!

                                        Fellow Herbalists!

                                                    Fellow Travelers!

                                                                Fellow Soulful Seekers!!

Welcome to my site... the place where my healing path has lead me!

I have created this site to be able to connect with you!


To share my vision and my Path with people who may be struggling on theirs~ Or simply finding their way. Through the sharing and teaching of all that makes me joyous and balanced and healthy! Whether it is through the practice of Yoga, or the varied aspects of Herbalism I am involved in, or helping someone enjoy plant-based meals! 

Even possibly taking a journey to India together!!

I won't go over everything here, because I do have many different offerings here at Maggie's Healing Path. Please look around the site ~ and see for yourself what I am all about...& you decide where our Paths will meet!

I encourage you to use my contact form, at the bottom of every page if you have ANY questions or comments ~ connecting & sharing is the heart of Everything!

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