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Market Farming

In the past several years, ever since my choice to eat a plants-only diet, I have given much attention to where my food comes from. I have supported local, organic farms for many years, but this summer season I have taken that support to a new level ~ I am working on 2 organic produce farms as part of their farm crews!

This has been both challenging and rewarding!!

To know the intense planning, the careful land stewardship, and the plain-old HARD work that goes into running an organic market farm has opened my eyes to one very important way in which all of us can make a difference in the world... by choosing to buy our food from those who use organic practices and support the environment that supports them in their growing of the food that nourishes them, their families & their market customers!

It is one of the most important things we can do in the world at this time!!

My Path is rooted in Herbalism, Yoga, Healing/ Nursing, and Veganism.

At the core of all of these healing practices is nourishment...


Nourishing Mind, Body & Soul!

When we take the time to Nourish ourselves, in all our aspects of our lives, we begin our path to balance & wellness.

Thymed Tomato Sauce

Peak-Summer Pic

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