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 Immersive Yoga Retreats


Visit India with Me!

My travels in Rural India have been life changing!
So much so that I have created this retreat page to gather groups of like minded travelers and take them with me to the Heart of India!
The areas that I have visited are remote, difficult to get to, and culturally immersive!
I have made connections in the Motherland that allow me to navigate the Indian systems of travel and accommodations and through these connections I have learned also to work through many issues important to westerners when visiting India to create a safe and truly memorable experience!
Due to COVID and its effects on global travel- my next retreat planned for Jan 2022  may not happen as planned / at that time.
I am in constant contact with my friends in India and we will be planning a retreat for 2022... when exactly... TBD!

If my excitement about travel to India has peaked your interest, or if the Motherland has always been on your bucket list... sign up for my Email list! There will ALWAYS be mention of retreats included in my monthly message- either about where I've just been~ with a few pics... or what's in the planning stages!



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