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My Healing Path

My path - where and how I want to make a difference in the world - is in helping others.

I employ the lessons I've learned on my own personal Healing Path, which includes many things...

my Nursing career, many years of Herbalism studies &  practices,  

Yoga & Meditation  practices, along with my Yoga Teacher training.

My time spent in India in spiritual study and growth has deepened

all parts of my life & my work,

I incorporate all these things which make up  My Healing Path -to help others to enjoy

Health & Happiness,

Peace & Wonderment,

Understanding & Compassion,

Love and Kindness...

By sharing all the Healing modalities I have embraced in my life, I can now help others  bring all these wonderful things INto their lives as well!


My Mission

My mission is to bring you to your happy & healthy place! 

I work using all aspects of health & wellness & spiritual centering, Food , Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Direct Herbal Consultation  1:1 Yoga Instruction or Vegan Meal Preparation

or Immersive Travel / Retreats

I will apply any or all of these aspects of healthy living in my work with you!

We will determine where our Paths meet in an intro session

that you can schedule by emailing me directly

Pink Blossom

My Vision

I know that we all contain our core, our center, our grounded spirit that is there to guide us through life. Our guiding light within allways leads us towards balance and harmony.

Sometimes we need another's guidance to be able to access our own innate healing / wellness.

My vision is to help you get there.

Pink Blossom
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