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Carefully   Crafted
For Your Skin

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Luscious All Over  


All over Body Moisturizing Lotion 

Made with organic Grapeseed OIl infused with some of The most skin soothing plants available.

Rosa Rugosa~ Lavender ~ St John's Wort

Shea Butter & Beeswax added for a firm consistency

This is a simple plant based product, no additives, no fragrances, no added colorings! I grow the plants, I make the products! Safe for all skin types & especially helpful for dry & sensitive skin types.

Just the plants & the oils.

It truly feels Luscious!

This is a protective, emollient, moisturizing lotion ~ apply at least twice daily.


Luscious Face

Daily Face Cream


A soft, nourishing, moisturizing = Luscious daily face care product!

Organic Grapeseed oil infused with

Rosa Rugosa~ Lavender~ St John's Wort

Sea Buckthorn~ & a Hibiscus Infusion

Shea Butter & Beeswax give the lotion it's soft & creamy texture.

This entirely plant-based product is so beneficial and protective for the delicate skin of the face! Especially if the face is exposed to harsh chemicals ~ either in our environment

~ or ~

in the facial products we have used in the past.

I recommend twice daily use (after washing the face with water only) to see the most dramatic effects of these powerhouse plants of

skin protection & healing! 


These tasty tins of Lusciousness are a base of my 'In Need of Healing' Salve (see below) with the addition of essential oils & Vitamin E are SO yummy & soft & protective & nourishing = Luscious! For your lips!

You'll want to keep them handy to reapply (& reapply!)

Rosy Lips 

Grapeseed OIl infused with my 'In Need of Healing' plants with Essential Oil of Rose added and a pinch of my Rose Infused Honey! 

Luscious Red color from the addition of Organic Beet Root powder!

Minty Lips

Grapeseed OIl with my  'In Need of Healing' plants with Essential Oils of

Peppermint & Chamomile

with a hint of Honey!


Luscious Feet

Super-Soothing & Emollient!

Pain & Inflammation~ Relieving!

Heavenly Scented

A Base of Organic Grapeseed, Clove & Peppermint Oils

infused with the whole plants

Calendula & Chamomile 

This Lotion will have your feet Looking Very Flip-Worthy!

Feeling Strong & Pain-Free...

 Smelling Lovely too!!




A skin-supportive Healing Salve for whenever we have skin that is 

cut, burned- either from the sun, or the stove - scraped,  or itchy- from any source.. poison ivy will heal dramatically due to stopping the itch / scratching is what causes & facilitates the spread!.

Helps wounds (& surgical incisions)  heal quickly & with little scar formation!

Also skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis & eczema can be helped, with symptoms being dramatically diminished.

I think you get it.....

In Need :-]

It is a base of organic Grapeseed oil, shea butter & Vitamin E oil

infused with all these skin healing plants!

Comfrey~Plantain~St John's Wort~Calendula~Lavender

This magic lil' salve I have been making for many years for myself  & my family,

with  plants I grow! & can be applied several times a day for any skin damage or injury~ I recommend applying it at least twice daily to the affected area.


Daily Skin Care is an important form of Daily Self Care!

Using Carefully Crafted     Plant Based products withOUT synthetics or chemical additives is how your Skin wants it!!

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