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Herbal Consultation

Individualized Herbal Support from Me to You

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Herbal Consultation

I will work with you closely to first define your Health & Wellness goals, then carefully craft your individualized Herbal Support Products.


The Process

Once you book a consultation with me, I will send you my Intake Form. Once that is completed & returned to me, I will send you a link to schedule our time together.

Our initial meeting will be roughly one hour & will be where we take a deep dive into your responses on the intake, and where I learn about your wellness journey, your hopes & goals for working with me, & the healing power of the plants!

 Together we work through how Herbalism can support you in these goals.

Whenever needed my consults span diet, exercise, stress management & sleep in addition to your individualized Herbal recommendations.

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On-going Care

Included in my consultation are 2 follow-up sessions. Each being planned around your Herbal formulas & recommendations. 

These sessions are in the form of a check in, a time for you to share with me how  the Herbal formulas have been fitting into your days & of course their effects. 

Any side effects & / or issues with taking them..

Based on your responses, the Formulas may be adjusted ~ or continued for another  1- 2 weeks.

Then a second follow- up session to review the effects at that time.

The full process usually spans roughly 2 months, and leaves you with a clear path to follow using the healing power of plants!

My fee for Individual Herbal Consultation is $75.

click below to start!

Herbal Formulas are priced separately.

I look forward to meeting you &

helping you on your Path to

Health - Wellness - Balance & Happiness

                              ~ Maggie


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