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Being in Nature we find our Center, we feel grounded.

  We connect with the healing energies of the plants & they connect with us! 


Welcome to my Herbalism page ~ & to my Plant-Based Path!
Explore this page & learn where or how Herbalism speaks to you.
I offer Herbalism classes, Plant Walks, and 
1:1 consultation, in addition to formulating a full line of Healing Products.

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I provide Individual Herbal Consultations to help you on your Health & Wellness journey.
Whether you have used my products & found some relief, or have found me through seeking 1:1 Health & Wellness support... please follow this link to learn more -

                                            -read more here

Herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care, & results are best when the two are  integrated.

Herbal Classes & Events
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