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Practicing on the Ghat of the sacred Narmada River, Madya Pradesh, India

Setting an intention for a Yoga practice can help to create an ongoing, empowered, practice of self-care.

This intention may begin by simply signing up for a class, & coming to your mat.

  • I will work with you on your mat- where you are!

    60 US dollars
  • Practice Together

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    20 US dollars
  • 1 hour on-line Practice

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    15 US dollars

Private Instruction




In my private yoga instruction sessions you will be my entire focus, and you will be encouraged, in a safe container, to learn your body's limitations, your 'edge', and your personal comfort zone...and work to expand yourself and your Yoga practice. 

I will work with you directly over Zoom to build your personal Yoga practice in a way that suits you and your body as you are!

InPerson practice possible depending on location.

$50 per session

  5 sessions for $200


Wednesday Group Class




                  11- 12

In this gentle Vinyasa Flow class we will move with our breath, loosen our bodies & relax our mind.

It will feel like Meditation in Motion ~ an active yet gentle practice!

$12 per session

  5 sessions for $50

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Santosha Classes



 I am on staff with the wonderful people of

Santosha Yoga Providence.

Since 2020 the studio has been maintained in the virtual space

Join me

for Surya Namaskar

or Sun Salutation 


Friday Mornings


$15 per session


to see the full schedule & to register for class!!


Small Group Practice




Small Group in this instance means you & the 2 or 3 people you choose to practice with!

This could be you & your partner at your home, or you at home & your sister in another city or state.

Classes will be structured for your group ~ with individual needs & challenges incorporated into our practice.

Classes are Virtual - with In-Person class possible depending on locations

$20 per person  per session

2- 4 people

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Yoga @ RI Oak 



 I have joined the teaching staff at RI Oak & love the positive energy and being part of a Wellness Center that incorporates Yoga into their client's Wellness plans!

Come Join Me!


9- 10am

Gentle Vinyasa Flow


4:30 - 5:30

Energetic Flow-Vinyasa.



to register!

Many options such as class cards, monthly memberships

are available


Hope to share my Yoga practice & teaching  with you soon!

I encourage you to contact me if you have questions
 about any of my offerings~ whether you are ready to schedule with me, or want to discuss the possibilities... use my contact form below & we can plan your Yoga practice together!
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Yoga is a series of ancient spiritual practices  that  are so helpful in our stressful world as it is today. Yoga is a system of lifestyle practices that provide a structure for how to live happily and in harmony with all  that surrounds you in life! Looking at  the type of work you do, the type of fun you have, how you nourish yourself- both with food / meals and culturally and intellectually, how much time you spend taking care of yourself...
These types of things, and how they are approached in your life make for either health or disease.
One of the most important Yoga practices is Asana- the physical postures. Practicing Asana daily can have profound changes in a person's health and wellbeing.
Maggie's Healing Path IS a Yogic path, all that you will see here will be in one form or another a way to help you to develop balance and harmony in life! 
This page- which focuses on the physical practice of Asana  (Sanskrit word for body postures) is what many know of Yoga... & that is ok... that is where my Yogic / Spiritual path began, as is true for most Western Yogis! 
Vinyasa Flow refers to a class where the postures flow into one another, and are paced by the student's breath. One posture is assumed on an inhale, and the yogi moves to the next posture on their exhale. Vinyasa Flow is the more vigorous style of Asana practice.

Gentle Hatha is a practice where postures are held for 2 or 3 breaths, and warming-up exercises - or Kriyas- are done either seated or standing prior to the poses.
In all of my classes I use a combination of styles, I work with my students to create sessions that take into account where each person is  in their experience, and their physical bodily limitations. I will help you find your edge, and gently practice near and at it so that you feel your practice and heal with your practice! In the small & regular group classes I combine and alter the class structure so that it works for all!  

Namasté                         Maggie
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