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Shoulder Massage

Massage Products

These products I formulated with plants I know to be healing for

pain & inflammation.

Muscle Relief & Deep Relief are 2 distinct products - containing different plants for different structures of your body that may be injured or healing.

Healing with Massage 

Massage therapists use their fingers, hands, forearms and elbows to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, which can be a deep release for physical tension!

Variations in focus and technique lead to different types of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage.


In Swedish massage, the focus is general and the therapist may use long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping.

In deep tissue massage, the focus is more targeted, as therapists work on specific areas of concern or pain. These areas may have muscle “knots” or places of tissue restriction.

Thai Massage is a method of assisted stretching, which can be very helpful for 

Commonly people think of massages for relieving stress & anxiety - which they DO! and to relax & to create a general feeling of well-being - which they DO! I also like to add that the time (& money) spent for a massage, add to our sense of self-care & self-love! 

Massage also relieves pain, can help heal sports injuries, and diminish or even heal chronic illnesses of the musculo-skeletal system! Especially when combined with Herbal medicine!

Benefits of using topical Herbal preparations during Massage

Many plants have  healing effects for our skin, they are moisturizing & help cuts & wounds to heal ~ these plants can be very helpful for when the skin is injured or suffering a rash, burn, or cut, and also for skin 'conditions' such as eczema or psoriasis. These are applied to the skin for their healing benefits. I incorporate many of these types of plants into my massage / pain relieving creams as well, because when the skin is healthy & protective, plants being massaged into deeper structures such as muscles or tendons will absorb & penetrate more effectively.  If the pain is in an accessible part of the body, I recommend my clients / customers apply the creams 2 - 3 times per day & particularly before & after activity that causes pain.

In the hands of a professional massage therapist, my pain relieving products can be applied skillfully & directly to the area of pain & inflammation, regardless of where on your body that is. I also recommend having a professional massage regularly for the effects on our nervous system of relaxation & letting go to allow another to release our tension from our body ~ This type of releasing of tension, can often effect the root cause of many physically painful conditions!

Muscle Relief

This product - contains many warming plants  - which effect tense / tight muscles

In a base of either Grapeseed Oil - or Sweet Almond Oil (currently in use in all my products) Vitamin E, (preservative) Shea Butter (emollience) & Candelilla Wax (plant based wax for structure)

all infused with Ginger Root, St John's Wort, Calendula & Arnica .

When massaged into a tight muscle, the Calendula softens the skin & gives the product emollience, allowing it to be massaged for several minutes in one area. Ginger is highly warming and this allows the muscle to begin to relax. This process of warming & relaxing a muscle allows th eSt John's Wort & Arnica to penetrate deeply & provide their anti-inflammatory & pain relieving effects.

This product is best for when pain & discomfort is known to be due to a tight,  tense, or injured muscle.

DEEP Relief 

This product is also in a base of Almond OIl, Vitamin E, Shea Butter & Candelilla Wax.

This product's main focus is healing tendons, ligaments & joints due to the presence of Solomon Seal Root. 

  It's lubricating and tonifying effects are beneficial for inflammation associated with dryness in the tendons, joints and ligaments. Solomon Seal can restore damaged cartilage & connective tissues, as well as speed recovery from bone injuries (broken, stressed) and associated connective tissues. This amazing plant is also known to encourage the production of synovial fluid which can reduce grinding in joints. It aids in the restoration of too tight or too loose tendons, ligaments, joints & attachments associated with repetitive stress, injury & inflammation. An amazing plant!! 

Solomon Seal is both Oil-Soluble, as in my massage creams, & Alcohol-Soluble, as in Tinctures.

 I recommend both forms depending on the injury.

Combined with Arnica, for it's pain relieving properties & Rosemary for the anti-inflammatory properties it brings to a blend, make this a very healing & restorative product!

This product is for when the pain & inflammation are known to be due to tendon, ligament or joint injury or illness.

Solomon Seal

Solomon Seal in Flower

Arnica flower.png

Arnica Flower



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