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Your Diet is SO Important to your health & Happiness!


Once you have decided to employ my Vegan Chef Services there are a few steps that need to take place before your first meal is served!

First will be my 'intake' ~ or discussion between you & I about  your current diet, your current health concerns related to food, and of course  all your likes, dislikes, and allergies will be reviewed.

If the meal prep is being planned for your family then family members are encouraged to be a part of this intake process.


Then together we will plan your weekly Vegan meal service, incorporating all the ingredients and in the combinations that make you feel your happiest and your healthiest!


Following the intake the next important step is to schedule a time for me to tour your kitchen.

I will want to know your stove, your other appliances, your utensils.

This site visit is crucial, and I ask that it happen at least 5 days prior to any meal prep can begin

When I am in your kitchen, I will prepare your food mindfully and with complete adherence to any and all  infection control measures possible, and your food will be packaged and left in your refrigerator  for you to enjoy at your leisure.

This service usually is done in either 2 or 3 visits per week, and priced according to menu details and the size of your household.



Dinner Parties  

2-8 guests 

Entirely Plant-Based-Organic-Locally Sourced  & Mindfully Prepared in Your Kitchen  

Served with grace and reverence for the food and the nourishment it brings!

Let's talk about YOUR party!

 YOUR guests!

& all YOUR wants & cravings!!

& of course who's allergic to what!!

Summer Salad


Meal Preparation

2 or 3 Chef-Visits to YOUR Kitchen

Vegan-Plant-Based-Organic-Locally sourced Meals prepared for you and packaged with instructions for you to enjoy on your schedule!


2 or 3 meals per/day

will be created with your health & wellness in mind.

 All will be neatly packaged, labeled, and arranged in your refrigerator for you!


Menus and pricing are to be determined when we are in contact, and depend on many factors.. but on average my Vegan Chef Services are approximately $50/person.

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