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This blend is FULL of digestive support! Every plant in this blend supports at least one aspect of healthy & balanced digestion!
A wonderful blend of plants that all support our digestion. Through appetite stimulation, saliva, stomach acid ... all the way through elimination of toxins! This Tea will help your body Eat Drink & Digest in a strong & healthy way!

Eat Drink Digest

  • Dandelion

    a classic Spring & Early Summer tonic! Improves function if the liver, promoting secretion of bile. It is diuretic (stimulates the kidneys - increasing urination) & mildly laxative.


    Gentle anti-spasmodic relieving indigestion, bloating & gas


    Increases saliva & aids gastric emptying - supporting gastric & intestinal  motility  


    Diuretic helps regulate fluids in the body, also anti-inflammatory, which is very  helpful when we eat acidic foods 


    Soothes & repairs digestive tissues


    Highly nutritive & toning to the whole body


    Relaxes the muscles of the stomach, and  improves the flow of bile, helping food digest and pass through the stomach more quickly.

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