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This amazing Salve is a basic blend of  Healing Plants ~

Comfrey, Plantain, Calendula, StJohn's Wort & Lavender ~

Infused into a carrier oil, solidified with plant-based wax.

 I've added more emollience with Shea butter & Vitamin E oil.

It is what I use for

ANYthing that has injured = cut, scraped, burned the skin

ANYthing that causes itchiness = bug bites, allerigies, rashes such as poison ivy

ANYthing that causes dryness = over exposure to the elements (sun or wind)  

ANY Chronic Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis



In Need of Healing

  • For new / acute injury or damage to the skin

    (the cuts, the scrapes, poison ivy, bug bites)

    Apply as soon as possible & reapply often until healed. 

    For chronic conditions - apply to clean & dry skin twice daily, while working to determine cause / irritants.

  • For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns.

    If we shipped you the wrong product, please take a photograph of the item you received mistakenly and email it to us within 14 days of receiving your order at Please include your full name and order number. We will ship you the correct product after verifying that the wrong product was sent.

    If you receive an order with breakage, please take a photograph of the exterior of the box and a photograph of the contents in case we need to make a claim with the carrier. Then contact us by email at as soon as possible but no longer than 14 days after receiving your order, with your full name and order number, what items were broken, and whether you prefer a refund or replacement for those items. We will let you know if further information is needed.

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