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Maggie's Healing Retreats

Let's Get Away!


Let's Get Away!

Here is where I share with you my love of travel!

Here is where you'll learn about being immersed in a culture not your own. 

Here is where our Paths can meet, join, and travel a new Path together!

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Cultural Immersion

Taking the time to visit other cultures can have a deep & healing effect on our Mind Body & Spirit.

When we see that life can be lived in a way different from how we live, or how we were taught, and from what we see happening in our part of the world ~ and that those living differently , speaking a different language, wearing different clothes, eating foods we have never even seen before... and we see that even with all their differences- that the twinkle in their eye, the smile on their face, their silly laugh - are just like ours or our family - we can see & start to feel the interconnectedness of all things. 

When we immerse in the life of people different than us,  our heart opens,  we laugh & smile more, we can see & feel how we are all alike , all our similarities, how we interact with our environment is all the same- we want to be kind, we want to share & we want to belong!

When we allow ourselves to be culturally immersed in another country, seeking & allowing the process of beginning to feel our energetic / human oneness, we can more easily let go of those elements of our own life & culture that are limiting & restrictive.


 My retreats combine  cultural arts, food, plants & time spent within a community of 'locals' !

You'll return with an appreciation of diversity, learning to love & explore that which is different & a new awareness of heart to heart connectedness that crosses all borders & speaks all languages!

Come Join Me!

If these words spoke to you & you are ready to immerse yourself~ send me a message below.

Please share what your dream Cultural Immersion would be! 

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