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Blending Plants into Herbal Tea for their

health benefits & flavor is one of the most rewarding parts of my Herbalism practice.. 

From growing the plants, through harvest & preparation to blending & then finally in the cup, in the hands, of the person who needs their support!  ~ Maggie Hatzpanian


Happy New Year!
May you be blessed with a year FULL of
Health~ Wellness~ Balance~& Happiness

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Herbal Consultation
I provide one on one consultation to help my clients work through their
health & wellness concerns. 
Once we decide to work together, I will send you my Intake form which you will complete & return to me prior to our 1st appointment
The initial session is usually 30-45 minutes, possibly longer depending on
the reason for the consult.

2 follow up sessions are included  - time intervals for them depend on the reason as well. Usually 1 week after starting the Herbs & again 2 or 3 weeks after that.
In addition to herbal formulas, there are lifestyle recommendations offered, relating to various aspects of health - sleep, exercise, diet - to name a few.
The price for 1 Herbal consultation is $
** The cost of herbs is not included in the consultation price**
The price ranges from $50 – $75 for one month of herbs.

Herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care.

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Herbal Classes & Events

 Medicinal & Edible
Plant Walks

2022 Was a really FUN-Filled year of Plant Walks!!

Each of these beautiful locations were a wealth of edible & medicinal plants for us to see!!

Turner Reservoir, Rumford, RI

Osemequin Preserve, Barrington, RI

Weetamoo Woods, Tiverton, RI

Gamino Pond Seekonk, MA

Founder's Park, Portsmouth, RI

URI Bay Campus, Narragansett, RI

Thank you all who came out!

& Walked with me on my Path~

I hope you continue to spend time in Nature, with your child's eye & open heart.. & a readiness to hear what the Plants have to teach us!


Nature or wilderness in Wintertime has a clear message for us.. one of  quiet, slowing down, going inward, calm reflection, restfulness, and self-care!

Remember ~

If you listen they will teach you!

I look forward to seeing YoU

on the Paths in 2023!




Being in Nature we find our Center, we feel grounded.

  We connect with the healing energies of the plants & they connect with us! 

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Herbalism is, at its roots, about our relationship with plants and how they teach us, and care for us, and heal us!

When we use the term Herbalist, we are referring to someone who has a strong soul-connection with plants and who has sat with them, and watched them grow, and cultivated them and made medicine from them~ these actions all describe an Herbalist... we are humans who have listened to our plant allies, and learned their teachings!

At the heart of Herbalism is teaching others how to hear the plants' messages and signs, and of course making the medicine of & from the plants for our health and well being! 

Helping others find their Path, and their plant allies when they need them is the work of  an Herbal Consultation, where the focus is on the individual, and their current health & wellness concerns.

Visiting the healing plants where they live in Nature, learning their names & how best to use them is what I offer in my Plant Walks, and then, finally how to grow and care for our Medicinal Plant allies, and how to make  medicine are what you will find in my Herbal Classes and Workshops.

Some classes may focus on the cultivation, or gardening, others on wildcrafting and learning our local endangered species, and of course some will focus on making plant of my favorite classes to teach is my Plant Soul Medicine Class as it often attracts people who have not yet been aware of how deep our connections to the Green world can be!


Please reach out if you would like to schedule a consultation, attend a class, workshop or plant walk! I look forward to seeing where our Paths meet!

Signing up for my newsletter will also keep you up-to-date on all my healing offerings.


                                        Green Blessings~                              ~Maggie


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