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Being in Nature we find our Center, we feel grounded.

  We connect with the healing energies of the plants & they connect with us! 

Welcome to my Herbalism page ~ & to my Plant-Based Path!
Explore this page & learn where or how Herbalism speaks to you.
I offer Herbalism classes, Plant Walks, and 
1:1 consultation, in addition to formulating a full line of Healing Products.

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I provide Individual Herbal Consultations to help you on your Health & Wellness journey.
-read more here 

I also offer this service through the Integrative Wellness Program at RI Oak Counseling & Wellness
where I am the resident Herbalist. 

To learn about this program & the other wellness modalities offered visit RI Oak Counseling 

Herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care, & results are best when the two are  integrated.

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Herbal Classes & Events
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Medicinal & EdiblE
Plant Walks


Farm-Based Plant Walk!
Friday May 19th & Saturday the 27th
3 separate sessions
3 - 4 or 5pm

@ Gather Farm
Johnston, RI

Just seeing how the wild edible & medi
cinal plants thrive on the border an organic produce farm.. you will see what heart-centered land stewardship looks like!

To attend this event visit to register

Plant Walk & Herbal Path discussion
May 30th  4-6 pm

Rehoboth, MA
Join me & our hosts Dre & Emmy for a fun Plant Walk in the forest behind the farm- where we will see & discuss many Edible & Medicinal plants! From there we will return to the backyard of their farmhouse & sit by a fire, share some Herbal Tea & discuss the opportunities for Herbal & Medicine Making classes there on their Homestead!
We are thrilled to be partnering & share w/YoU what is possible!
scroll down, & send me an RSVP!

                $25 (paid @the event)

Monday May 22th  4- 6 pm

I return to
Turner Loop Reservoir
Rumford, RI

This hidden gem of a walking trail! I love to hold Plant Walks here due to the variety of plant species we will see! The walk begins in the forest, with forest plants, then we walk along the edge of the reservoir where wetland species call home, then we end either in the field - with the wildflowers or along the forest edge where a whole ecosystem exists
= not forest...not open field = 'the edge'!


Wednesday May 31st  4-6pm
Weetamoo Woods ~Tiverton, RI
Meet @East Rd trailhead,

Weetamoo is a special place! & like Turner Loop we will experience 3 distinct ecosystems -Forest, 'edge' & fields
each with it's unique plant landscape!


If you are joining me  @GatherFarm, register through the link provided
& payment is made there.
All other walks RSVP through my site,
& payment can be made at the time of the walk.


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Herbalism is, at its roots, about our relationship with plants and how they teach us, and care for us, and heal us!

When we use the term Herbalist, we are referring to someone who has a strong soul-connection with plants and who has sat with them, and watched them grow, and cultivated them and made medicine from them~ these actions all describe an Herbalist... we are humans who have listened to our plant allies, and learned their teachings!

At the heart of Herbalism is teaching others how to hear the plants' messages and signs, and of course making the medicine of & from the plants for our health and well being! 

Helping others find their Path, and their plant allies when they need them is the work of  an Herbal Consultation, where the focus is on the individual, and their current health & wellness concerns.

Visiting the healing plants where they live in Nature, learning their names & how best to use them is what I offer in my Plant Walks, and then, finally how to grow and care for our Medicinal Plant allies, and how to make  medicine are what you will find in my Herbal Classes and Workshops.

Some classes may focus on the cultivation, or gardening, others on wildcrafting and learning our local endangered species, and of course some will focus on making plant of my favorite classes to teach is my Plant Soul Medicine Class as it often attracts people who have not yet been aware of how deep our connections to the Green world can be!


Please reach out if you would like to schedule a consultation, attend a class, workshop or plant walk! I look forward to seeing where our Paths meet!

Signing up for my newsletter will also keep you up-to-date on all my healing offerings.

                                        Green Blessings                  Maggie


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