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Summertime is a time for appreciating Nature!

We all love to feel fresh air on our faces, slight wind in our hair, warm sun on our skin... Nature IS healing!

 I HIGHLY recommend spending as much time as you can outdoors!

All year, really!

During each season there are things about being outdoors that can be a challenge.

(I think this is why as a civilization we built houses!! & designed air conditioners! :)

This is where Herbalism & Plant-Based products can help!!
In every season!

For SummerTime I have created 3 new products to support you while you enjoy time in Nature!

Please try them - they will make your Plant-Based Summer SO much more Enjoyable!!

I will have these 3 NEW Herbal Products with me at all my markets, events & festivals this Summer!!
Come see me... Before you go, or before you  get Too Much...

& Don't Let them Bug YOU!!


Before  You Go... (out into the SUN) 

Skin Protection from Summer - Elements... primarily the Sun.

My 'Before You Go' Lotion is 50+ SPF... but also, highly emollient & moisturizing at the same time!

Lavender                    Avocado Oil                           Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
Comfrey                     Candelilla Wax                       Carrot Seed Oil

Plantain                       Distilled Water                        RedRaspberry Leaf OIL

St John's Wort             Vitamin E Oil                                     



Too Much

This product for for when you forgot to apply 'Before You Go' before you Went!! (Out into the SUN!! :)

& when the Sun's heat was more than expected, when you play sports or swim & forget to reapply... 

This is my 'In Need of Healing' Skin Salve... with a few added ingredients...

Carrot Seed OIl,  Avocado Oil, & the SUPER-Healing Aloe Vera Gel!

When applied quickly after Too Much Sun exposure... the cooling effect of the plants will be felt immediately, and the healing of burned skin WILL happen - I recommend re-application at least twice the same day / 24hr period after exposure.

These 3 Healing Oils added to my already Skin Protective & Healing Salve... which is made with  Plantain, Comfrey, Lavender, StJohn's Wort, Calendula, in Grapeseed Oil w/ Shea Butter & Candelilla wax!

Fiery Sun

Don't Bug Me

A blend of Witch Hazel & Distilled Water with the addition of

Essential Oils of Citronella, Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus & Rosemary.

Like all my products... Simple. Plant Based. Effective.

This blend of Carefully Crafted Essential Oils WILL keep the little buggers AWAY

Image by Angela Handfest
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