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Emmy's Backyard

A Natural Herbal Classroom


UpComing Walk & Talk
Sunday July 16


As seen in the photo, Emmy's backyard is immense... the actual backyard (foreground in the photo) is where we can sit & have classes.

The many acre fields outside the fence is where we will find a beautiful array of wildflowers to learn &  study in their own habitat.

Then, beyond the fields... our Natural Classroom extends out into the woodland trails - also many acres!

& Medicinal Plant Walks

Just as I lead Plant Walks in other locations around RI, Emmy's Backyard will be a regular location on my calendar - because as you know, every few weeks the plant-landscape changes! 


St John's Wort

Natural Herbs

Herbal Education

Emmy & Dre & I will be building our offerings  throughout the year...

With YOUR input!!

Come to our next PlantWalk & let's discuss 

Your Herbal Learning Path!

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