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Vegan Chef Services

Let Me Cook For You!!

As a vegan and someone who loves cooking for others, I feel that now is the time to bring these aspects of my healing path together in service of those who want to eat better and feel better!

This service is perfect for a bust professional who wants to eat healthier despite a busy schedule, a family who wants to learn about a plant - based diet, someone recovering from illness who cannot cook for themselves.

If we are what we eat - as the saying goes - then eating organic, whole foods, prepared with mindful intention for health and healing... then the simple process of eating, becomes a healing practice.

When I cook for others I feel myself energetically connected to the people I will be feeding ~ It may be a specific person, or a group, or even strangers (as when I donate meals to the local shelter). 

Whoever it is receives my care & compassion & healthful intention when they eat the meal I prepared for them. 

Healthy and Wholesome food nourishes Mind Body & Soul ~ of the Chef & the Diner!



I am also extremely fond of entertaining and making food fun.. offering chef services, for your family & friends in times of celebration~ appetizers for cocktail parties, vegan desserts, or an entire dinner party!

                                 When you have a celebration coming up ~ Let me cook for YOU!




I will always use the freshest possible ingredients, and the tastiest preparations~ combining ingredients and spices and cooking techniques from my varied list of favorite cuisines!

I use care in every aspect of your meal creation, from our initial menu discussions through making the menu plan and shopping for ingredients and of course... the preparation and cooking of each dish you choose for you & your guests!

I spent many years living on Nantucket Island. Two culinary things happened to me there, one I learned all about fine dining and detailed food preparation and elegant table service, and at the same time, due to the fact that there were very few ethnic restaurants on the island, I learned exotic ingredients and spices, sought out and studied recipes from around the world- and for many years created many authentic ethnic dishes ~ from Pad Thai to Biryani  to Sushi.. and can recreate these & many more for your dinner party!



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          My Sambha Story

Currently I am deeply enamored by all things Indian...including the cuisine of course!

I have visited India twice, and my 2020 trip included 1 month in the southern state of Kerala.

Keraleans traditionally eat Sambha in the mornings and every where I stayed,

this was the case.

Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS ask my servers in restaurants... what do you have in your home in the morning?  

(check my Retreats section & maybe THAT'S where our paths will meet!?!)


This morning, in my home here in Providence, RI, I made Idli Sambha, because I fell in love with the dish while is comprised of stewed vegetables- this time I used potatoes, yellow beans, carrots, cabbage,  

and kale (because my garden was OVER-flowing with it!!)

These are cooked in a blend of Sambha spices, and served with Idli.

Idli is quite simple really, yet exotic at the same time! Simply, they are pressed rice noodles. The idli is prepared plainly- steamed, then pressed into a round disc shape. The plain, yet subtly sweet flavor of the idli combines perfectly with the spiciness of the Sambha, and of course the fresh vegetables.

Fantastic !

Traditionally eaten at breakfast, but delicious ANY time of day!!


My Idli Sambha



Maggie's food was DELICIOUS! She took time to confirm all my food restrictions (I have A LOT: gluten free, sugar-free and many more...). The menu was beautifully created with wild greens, locally sourced ingredients and food grown in her garden.  Her hummus-trio appetizer is fantastic!! She also made for us a gluten-free pizza with fresh, yummy veggies and vegan mozzarella.... & for dessert, she made us the most fantastic gluten free sugar free chocolate cake with blueberry lemon sauce - no, really, it was so GOOD!

I would definitely have Maggie return for another meal with my friends!

                                                                                                                                 Sandy Curry, Fall River MA-


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