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Lots more options to meet along the Path!


Vegan Chef

Let Me Cook for You!

Perfect for a busy professional who wants to eat healthier despite a busy schedule, a family who wants to learn about a plant-based diet, or someone recovering from illness or or anyone who cannot cook for themself.


Immersive Yoga & Cultural & Plant Based Retreats

Travel with Me!

My travels in Various parts of the world have led me to a place of love & compassion & understanding of those who live differently than I.. & we here in the US.

Most of my travels have a Yogic or Spiritual focus, but also plants - both food & medicine - both wild & cultivated in varied & diverse locations!


Maggie's Blog

What is Happening on My Path

My healing work, whether it be helping clients establish their Yoga practice, or

Teaching a Plant Medicine Making class or

possibly a current favorite recipe from my kitchen.. or a kitchen I visited in India... pictures from my gardens or gardens in Ireland or an organic coffee farm in Costa Rica...

My Healing Path has many facets... I love to share them all!

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