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Maggie’s Healing Garden

I love Love! Love! eating what I grow ~ or what my local farmer's grow ~ in the case of crops like corn, squash, zucchini where my lil' garden just doesn't have the room!

This is the locavore's utopia! I have been enjoying what my garden has been producing for the past 4 months- both wild and cultivated plants!

There have been many many! MANY! garden to table meals this season!

Usually harvested just prior to serving!

This was a wonderful year for Salsa too!

Which in my kitchen ALWAYS means MUY-PICANTE!! ~ In the picture here is my corn & avocado & Carolina Primo Reaper salsa!

Tomatoes, Hot peppers, Cucumbers, Cilantro.. All my favorite Salsa ingredients were phenomenal this year!

& Salad! ~ the above, + herbs like thyme, oregano, and savory... flowers such as nasturtiums and and little johnny jump ups!

2020 was BEYOND anything we could have imagined… unless you are a gardener / farmer / cook / Vegan in New England! If you are ANY of those things… then 2020 had at least one silver lining!

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