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Now We're Cooking Locally!

It's November in New England, the seasons of growing & harvesting are coming to an end..

Now is the time to be creative with what we have! This is where my passion for being a locavore becomes really difficult!!

I am still harvesting small amounts of kale here in my home garden, and a few cherry tomatoes, this morning I picked the last tomatillos from my plants. Last weekend friends came visiting who have a large garden & they brought me some potatoes.. & because they Know it would make me smile...some super-Hot- habaneros!

My breakfast was a wonderful combination of flavors & spices & I can say I've remained a solid locavore for another meal!

The meal consisted of Home fries, made with Susan's potatoes & onions- Great Job girl!! seasoned with Thyme & Nettles- Yes, Nettles! I AM an Herbalist remember! With a side of sauteed kale with tomatoes, tomatillos , & the amazing lil' habaneros...

I must say... being a Locavore, year-round, in New England can be a challenge.

But it is one I embrace!

Now that the growing season is slowing down, & my work on produce farms has ended, I will have more time to focus on using what I've bottled, dried, frozen and otherwise preserved! ...oh, & time to Blog about it!!

Thymed & Nettled Breakfast!

Super-Hot-Habanero...Thanks to Ray!

Kale & Tomatillo sauté

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