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Herbal Tea Blending

Creating herbal tea is one of the simplest yet most gratifying ways that an Herbalist can help someone. Knowing the medicinal constituents of plants is the most important aspect of creating a tea blend, and comes with time spent studying the plants, learning from other Herbalists who have prior knowledge, that comes in either the form of a direct student / teacher classroom setting, or in the form of studying and researching across the field of Herbalism.

Then, beyond all the book and classroom 'study'... is the process getting to 'know' a plant.

How it looks - as as prout, or in full bloom, what it's roots smell like, what other plants grow in it's community / habitat. These aspects inform the Herbalist about a plant's energetic properties, and when these are known, the Herbalist can create a very personalized tea blend for a client.

My current blend that I am drinking, was created for me, by my fellow Herbalists @ The Medicine Woman's Cabinet

Thank you Erica & Micaela!!

Each month we discuss how we are feeling, where we are currently focusing our energy and together we create our 'Monthly Blends' ~ Exactly as we do for our clients!! ~ my 1st TMWC blend is delicious(!!) & includes Hops (from my garden), Lavender, Rose, Yarrow, and Red Clover!

This process of learning about a person's physical, mental and energetic state, is practiced in an Herbal Consultation, then the personally blended Tea is created for that individual.

This is what I do ~ for my family, my friends, (myself!) and now for clients through my work at The Medicine Woman's Cabinet!

We are located in Providence, RI, but due to COVID, we are currently a completely virtual practice.... could say a silver lining~ for those of you reading this from a-far!

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