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My Healing Path

Updated: May 26, 2021

The story of Maggie's Healing Path.

I began my healing path at a young age in the Nursing profession. at that time, without being able to articulate this- I had a knowing, or a felt sense that I was meant to help people.

I worked hard in Nursing, in hospitals, ICUs and ERs with many very ill patients.

Early in my career I began to feel the stress of the work- both physical and emotional. I began to seek wellness practices to help me maintain my health.

I gravitated toward the spiritual, the wholistic, and as time went on the ancient philosophies and practices for health and wellness.

As time went on I also began to feel a strong feeling that I was not serving the clear need that my patients had for health maintenance & their overall wellbeing. I worked with them always after they were ill.

I met MANY patients who had come to the hospital in critical condition, all due to illnesses that could have been prevented!

I left hospital-based Nursing 3 years ago, I decided to seek where and how I could help people stay healthy and happy and nourished and thriving in their lives.

This lead me through several positions in varied healthcare settings before I realized it was time for me to step out and apply all that I knew about my own health and wellness journey. To be able to help others.

It was during this series of events that I decided it was time to put my ideas that had been in my mind & my heart for some time... & go ahead and start my own Health & Wellness business and help people maintain their health & happiness with the same practices that have helped me! Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, a Vegan, entirely plant-based diet - all the things you see here, on Maggie's Healing Path are my offerings to you & your path to health & happiness!

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1 Comment

K Twist
K Twist
May 26, 2021

I love that you're doing what you love.

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