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Why Private Yoga Instruction?

Have you ever experienced a private One on One instruction of any kind? A physical Yoga practice = Asana Practice is, in it's ancient form, a type of meditation. Meditation in Motion, with your breath guiding your movement, and the movement informing the breath. In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, where I have my training, the breath and movement are the practice, and that is how I would teach a session~ "Inhale and raise your arms over head, exhale as you let them slowly float down to your sides, inhale and raise your arms again, this time on the exhale fold forward at the hips, letting your arms hang down towards your feet".This is a standard beginning to a Vinyasa Flow. When your teacher is focused on your practice, as much as you are, the process becomes much deeper for you, you are allowed to be inwardly focused and to fully feel the movement and breath in your body! I feel that private, one on one Yoga instruction is wonderful for people who are new to an Asana practice, anyone who wants to establish themselves in an on-going Yoga practice but is unsure about how to begin, or who needs motivation, those whose mobility is limited, for those who are recovering from an injury or illness, and those who feel a Yoga studio is too much like being on stage!

Yoga Asana Practice in your home, with a personal instructor on Zoom... is one of the many silver linings I have found during this COVID19-Pandemic. Silver for many reasons .. you are safe in your home (or garden) on your mat, so is your instructor... and we are receiving the benefits of a regular Yoga practice!

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